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Ryan Carson
writes on April 11, 2017

As a mostly remote company, Treehouse had the opportunity to set-up their main shop anywhere in the world. Many factors came into play while choosing and below are just a few reasons why we call Portland home.

The Right Fit

When one thinks about the growing tech field their first thought is usually Silicon Valley, right? Treehouse founder, Ryan Carson, had different thoughts when it came to choosing a new HQ for Treehouse in 2012: “Silicon Valley is expensive and often can be its own echo chamber. Being out of it helps us stay in touch with reality.”

Treehouse originally began in England and later moved to Orlando, Florida where we still hold an office and studio. Soon there was a need to expand and move to growing tech city. The cities on the short list include Austin, Boulder, NYC, and Seattle, but ultimately Portland rose above the rest.

“I thought it was a great mix of creativity, open-mindedness, financial accessibility and still close to San Francisco. We have both mountains and ocean close by and the ability to get around down by walking and biking was a huge plus. Plus, believe it or not, it’s actually sunnier than England,” said Ryan.


Inside Treehouse


Portland is a fun, open and creative city. So why not place a fun, open and creative company within it? Portlanders really care about their craft. Whether that be building the best sandwich, brewing the best cup of coffee, or building the best table out of repurposed wood, Portland embraces what they build. The same goes for Treehouse. The team cares about their craft, whether it be filming a course, answering a student’s question, or writing a blog post. There’s not a better city to embrace the commitment that Treehouse shows it’s students.

Before I move on, I think it’s important to mention the fantastic food scene in Portland. We have so many tasty and unique restaurants in walking distance from our office with constant string of new ones popping up and food carts moving in. Food truly bonds people together and it’s just another way we get to bond as a team in Portland.


Speaking of bonding, Treehouse has really built it’s own community who learn, talk, and help each other. We have a very strong sense of community and Portland is the same way. I grew up in the Midwest so I’m used to friendly strangers and over politeness. However, when I first moved here I was struck with how often I had meaningful conversations with strangers in the store or on the street. I feel that I can easily transfer from the outside world into the Treehouse world in a seamless fashion because everyone is so open, friendly, and eager to listen.


Some of the Portland team


Portland is also very forward thinking in terms of diversity in tech. TechTown, an organization built to showcase tech companies in Portland, has created a Tech Diversity Pledge. Tech companies in Portland have agreed to actionable items on diversifying the tech field with more women and people of color, as well as working with those in underserved communities to build careers in tech.  On behalf of Treehouse, Ryan has signed this pledge and is a member of the action council.


We are a dog-friendly office, in a dog-friendly building, in an extremely dog-friendly city. It’s pretty hard to meet a non-dog owner here and if you are one yourself, you know the camaraderie that usually accompanies dog-ownership. This is just one extra layer of the community we love about Portland.  


Treehouse office dogs!

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