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Want some amazing publicity? Are you a talented designer, developer or web entrepreneur? We’d love for you to write for Think Vitamin! We’re looking for some great new authors who would like to write on the following subjects …

  1. Development
  2. Design
  3. Business

Dev Topics

  • Source control (i.e SVN, Git etc)
  • Deployment tools
  • The perfect development environment
  • Not reinventing the wheel (i.e. how to use open source code in your projects)
  • Short cutting code (i.e. ternary operators, sensible defaulting of variables etc)
  • Security fundamentals (i.e. putting your code beneath the public root, globals, sessions, CSFR etc)
  • Picking the right framework (e.g. Rails, Django, Symfony)
  • Hosting options (e.g. cloud, own server, virtual hosting etc, Apache?/Nginx)
  • Where to turn to for help (e.g. Stack Overflow)
  • Moving from procedural code to OOP
  • How to consume and generate XML and JSON
  • Interacting with API’s (e.g. Twitter, Google etc)
  • Choosing the right database
  • SQL (e.g. Select, Join, Union, limit, order by, MySQL functions etc)
  • Working with ORMs (Object Relational Mappers)
  • Caching options (e.g memcached)
  • CRON (i.e. how and when to use)
  • UNIX command line for server management
  • Understanding HTTP and headers (i.e. adding querystrings can force the browser to download fresh assets)
  • Separation of concerns (i.e. MVC)
  • Browser tools (i.e. Firebug for AJAX testing)
  • Message queues (i.e. How to spread the load of your app accordingly – e.g. image cropping can wait – doesn’t need to be handled on the post back)
  • How to handle errors in your code (i.e. logging, email, 500’s)
  • Opening up your won app with an API (i.e. could be as simple as making RSS feeds available)
  • Image manipulation (i.e. PHP = GD2 – making thumbnails, scaling etc)
  • Template engines (e.g. SMARTY for PHP)
  • The difference between GET and POST and when to use them
  • REST (i.e. understanding the approach and when to use it)
  • Apache stuff (e.g. .htaccess, mod rewrite, permanent redirects etc)
  • AJAX -(i.e. How and when to use it in your apps)

Design Topics

  • Getting inspiration
  • Wireframing
  • Accessibility
  • Graphic design  and layout
  • Creative spark – setting your design apart from the crowd
  • Typography
  • Managing clients
  • Finding new clients
  • Colour
  • Using imagery – illustration/ photography
  • UI Design
  • UX
  • Photoshop
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • jQuery

Business Topics

  • Funding for your ideas
  • Managing clients
  • Managing your team
  • Tracking cash flow
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Analytics and goals

Please get in Touch

If you’d like to write an article on any of the above topics, please comment below or email me at ryan@carsonified.com. Thanks!

Important: Please explain why you’re qualified and include a brief description of the article that you’d like to write.