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Kari Brooks
writes on April 27, 2024

Happy Spring, Treehouse Community! My name is Kari Brooks, and for the past 2 years I’ve been working behind the scenes as Treehouse’s Director of Operations. In January, I was thrilled to step into the role of Treehouse CEO, and I couldn’t be more excited to lead our community into the future. (Former CEO Jason Gilmore is still with Treehouse as our Chief Advocacy Officer.)

At Treehouse, we’re all about making learning easy, enjoyable, and accessible for everyone. Treehouse not only has amazing learning content, we happen to be THE BEST at making sure that the students who learn on our platform have fun and feel supported.

With that in mind, I’ve got some updates to share with you!

What’s Happening at Treehouse?

Innovator and pioneer, Steve Jobs, said “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”

That couldn’t be more true at Treehouse. Our small but mighty team has been hard at work.

Community Engagement and Support

The Treehouse Discord Server has become a buzzing hub where students, staff, and coding enthusiasts hang out to share, learn, and support each other. Join the server to catch up with peers, chat with a Career Advisor, or say hi to your favorite Treehouse staff.

Developer Advocate Dustin Usey is hard at work on his Code & Chill live streams on Twitch and The Treehouse Show podcasts. He’s hosting giveaways (t-shirt anyone?) as well as gifting subscriptions for participants in his new 100 Days of Code series on YouTube.

Speaking of giveaways, Community Manager and Career Advisor Jenavieve Dance hosted a scavenger hunt on Discord this month, passing out prizes to the lucky winners. In addition, Jenavieve continues to support students through monthly live sessions on professional development topics, as well as one-on-one Zoom calls with anyone looking for help with resumes, job hunting, or interviewing. Start a free trial to meet with Jenavieve today.

And finally, you may know that our rockstar Student Success team occasionally shifts into teacher mode — they’ve created some fantastic courses over the last few months. Check out Rachel’s Python Dates and Times, Dan’s AI Tools for Designers, Travis’s Create a Portfolio Using HTML and CSS, Rohald’s Create a Portfolio Using React, and Brian’s Create a Portfolio Using Python and Flask.

Practice Skills Through Code Adventures

Code Adventures is a popular stop for anyone looking to practice their coding skills

Code Adventures is a popular stop for anyone looking to practice their coding skills. An incredible 450 new Code Adventure projects have been started by Treehouse students since it launched last November.

This hands-on approach to learning enables students to build fun projects to practice beginner, intermediate, or advanced skills — my favorite is the Animal Crossing API, a web application that uses the Nookipedia Animal Crossing API to display information about the game’s villagers.

We’re adding new Code Adventures projects all the time — go try one out!

Empowering Through Education

Through partnerships, sponsorships, and scholarships, we’re making it easier for anyone and everyone to access opportunities in technology.

Treehouse Scholarships

Since Treehouse began our financial scholarships program in 2022, we’ve awarded approximately $32,000 to students who otherwise would not have been able to afford an education. This year alone, Treehouse has awarded over 50 scholarships to individuals in need, reducing their costs and facilitating their entry into tech.

We’ll proudly continue providing scholarships to students who lack the financial means to pursue or continue their tech education. Email help@teamtreehouse.com to learn more about scholarship opportunities available to you.

Treehouse CodeForward

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Treehouse CodeForward program, a cornerstone of our commitment to breaking down financial barriers in education. This sponsorship initiative allows organizations to “pay it forward” by covering the cost of a Techdegree bootcamp program for students who are passionate about technology but are unable to afford the education.

Treehouse CodeForward sponsorship lowers barriers for entry into tech

Why? Because we recognize the critical challenges of accessible education and inclusivity within the tech industry, and we want to be part of the solution.

CodeForward presents an unique opportunity for organizations to grow their brand awareness through visibility in Treehouse’s media channels, while driving transformative change in tech. If your employer or organization would like to pay it forward with CodeForward, email orgs@teamtreehouse.com. It’s an amazing opportunity to support the future of tech.

Students interested in securing a CodeForward sponsorship for a no-cost Techdegree certification may complete a brief application and provide a personal statement. Stay updated on application opportunities by following our social media and visiting our website. Selection is based on passion, need, and potential impact.

Techdegree Partnership with G{Code}

Treehouse sponsors the G{Code} Data Analysis Techdegree

G{Code} is an innovative, place-based initiative that connects women and non-binary people of color to educational and employment opportunities in the technology sector. By teaming up with G{Code}, Treehouse is actively working to bridge the gap in tech education and foster diversity and inclusion.

This partnership provides one student with full access to Treehouse’s comprehensive curriculum, mentorship, and resources, empowering them to excel in the field of data analysis. Read more about our collaboration with G{Code} here: Techdegree Partnership with G{Code}

The Newest and Tiniest Treehouse Member 👶

Last but certainly not least, we’re delighted to share that there’s a new little coder in the Treehouse family. JavaScript Instructor, Laura Coronel, welcomed baby Link this month. Congratulations, Laura!

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for Treehouse?

Coding for Everyone

We’re finding new ways of bringing computer science to teens and adults, expanding our impact and supporting the next generation of tech innovators. We’ll keep bringing coding lessons to teens through partnerships with organizations like the West Virginia Coding Club, and our upcoming digital coding club kit will support coding clubs everywhere. We also look forward to continuing to promote a diverse, inclusive, and equitable tech workforce as a learning partner in The AnitaB.org Apprenticeship Pathway Program.

Treehouse partners with the West Virginia Coding Club

Expanding Our Rich Content Library

As the world accelerates into its inevitable AI-filled future, our commitment to providing cutting-edge content — not only on the rapidly evolving topic of AI, but also on fundamental coding skills — remains unwavering.

In 2023, we added 60 new courses, workshops, and practice videos covering ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, and UX Design, among others. Highlights include a refresh of our foundational course, Introduction to HTML and CSS, a comprehensive suite of React content upgrades, and 30 AI courses (yes, 30!).

The journey continues with an exciting 2024 lineup of new content, including courses on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and designing micro-interactions, plus a new AI for Programmers Learning Track.

Treehouse aims to equip you with the knowledge to not only keep pace with AI advancements but also to excel in the basics, ensuring you’re both well-prepared and never left behind.

Live Events Calendar

We love hosting live events! Check out our Live Sessions calendar to learn more and register for upcoming discussions, interviews, classes, and more.

Stay Connected

I’m impressed and moved by our students every single day, and I love to connect with them and learn about the many ways they transform their lives with Treehouse. I invite you to read through some of these inspiring student success stories, or tell us your own story.

There’s much more to come at Treehouse. You can stay connected with our community in the many ways described above to find out what’s happening at Treehouse, or start a free 7-day trial to see what the fun is all about!

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