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writes on August 21, 2007

by Lisa Price

For anyone planning on attending next year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival, the event’s Panel Picker is now live!

We’ve submitted the following proposals:

  • Getting Things Done Are you being crushed under a sea of unopened e-mail? Do you start one project only to be distracted by another? This panel will bring you tricks and tips from the masters, a look behind the scenes at the workflow of top studios, and inspire you to streamline your daily chores. Are you ready to become a GTD ninja?
  • Fire your freelancer, now! Following on from the controversial post here on Carsonified, this panel will ask, as freelancers become more expensive and offshore employees become more of a real proposition, should you be thinking about firing your freelancer and out-sourcing your projects? We’ll talk to some people who have gone down the off-shore route and those who haven’t to find out where the future lies.
  • Pedantic Semantics: Using Subtlety to Fight Lazy Web Design As designers, it’s in our nature to agonise over the details – perhaps even to an obsessive degree. But this level of perfectionism should be celebrated and embraced, especially when it comes to applying that ethos to our markup. Care about semantics! Care about code indentation! Care about class names! Only through perfectionism can we convert the non-believers who are content to mark up sites like MySpace.
  • How to sell a web app The goal of many web app developers is to sell it or to be acquired but how does this happen? What are buyers looking for? What should you avoid when trying to sell? What should you actively promote? All this answered and more.

If you like the sound of these panels, please vote!


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