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Ryan Carson
writes on February 15, 2018

According to, there are roughly 503,000 open computing jobs in the United States and only about 49,000 Computer Science majors graduated into the field last year. This presents an enormous opportunity for self-taught web developers and software programmers to shore up the gap of open positions in the workforce. For many people looking to start their careers after serving in the military, this is exactly the positive outlook they want to hear.

Because of this high demand for skilled workers, companies are rethinking the requirements for employment, which means the old mentality that all developers must have a Computer Science degree is quickly being tossed aside. This makes it more appealing for those who have spent several years serving their country who are looking for a way to join civilian society and provide for their families.

This is why Treehouse is proud to partner with Vets in STEM, a non-profit based in Silicon Valley whose mission is to increase the number of veterans and active duty military members pursuing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. Chairman and Founder Wayne Robinson, Army Command Sergeant Major (Ret.),voiced his appreciation of a platform like Treehouse for military members:

“Partnering with Treehouse gives service members the opportunity to learn the hottest jobs in tech regardless of where they are stationed. This process is quite simply the game changer!”


Treehouse’s CEO and Founder Ryan Carson is passionate on the subject of active duty and veteran members of the military starting their careers in technology.

“The benefits for military members starting their tech careers are endless, but the biggest draw is that they can learn to code, learn real skills, from anywhere on the planet without owing thousands in student debt.”

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