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writes on March 19, 2010

Hey there!

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve begun adding a few new features to Think Vitamin (like Think Vitamin Radio!) and welcoming some new regular writers to the team (like @Grace Smith, @KyleBragger, and me!). During Future of Web Apps Miami, we began experimenting a bit with a news feature, rounding up items that are timely, helpful, and quite a few that are downright inspiring and smattered with quirk.

We’d love your help matching up great contributions with our editorial schedule, it’s a time for you to submit great content you’ve been working on or have discovered yourself and get a little link love from Think Vitamin.

  • Monday—All things web design (ux, photo, illustration, art, graphics, CSS, jQuery, tutorials, and more)
  • WednesdayCore stories on web development and business (apps, people, practices, and more)
  • FridayThe best in “interestingness!” (lego constructs, stop-motion animation via YouTube, Flickr finds, Tumblrs, and much more)

Send links to news@teamtreehouse.com/blog (Big Hint: we love giving credit where credit is due! So include sexy email signatures with links to your content, but also to your personal Twitter, Blog, etc.)



0 Responses to “Think Vitamin News: A New Section Coming Soon”

  1. thanks for the post and eagerly waiting for the new section

  2. Hmmm…. its not new from the Carsonified because they always try to do something new and unique. I will be attending all the Mondays because you’re going to cover my favorite part thats web “design” related.

    Friday… I’ll look for some links different and presentable.

    Good luck !!

    See you on Monday 🙂

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