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Faye Bridge
writes on October 24, 2015

In high school, Ryan Gittings developed a keen interest for coding and the Web. Fast forward to a few years later, Ryan was a full-time developer at a local web agency. He had solid front end web development skills but wanted to expand into more advanced backend technologies and learn how to develop iPhone apps.

Ryan’s learning style is very iterative, so he found Treehouse to be the ideal learning platform and quickly progressed through courses. Once he mastered his new iOS and backend skills, Ryan was then able to take steps forward in his career.

Today, at 20-years old, Ryan is now self-employed, confidently running his own business, and is about to launch his first iOS game, Polarctic, in the App Store. Looking towards the future, Ryan plans to further his coding knowledge and expand into Android development.

We caught up with Ryan to hear more about his learning experience and how his career has progressed.

What first drew you to the web/app industry?

I initially began working with computers in high school. I had a keen interest in the coding side of the web especially, HTML, CSS. I loved the challenge of turning a concept, a vision into a reality. I loved the flexibility, as well as the challenge of creating good, reusable code. From learning the web basics, I found myself wanting to expand to the native iOS platform, having had my first iPhone, and that’s where Treehouse really helped.

What work were you doing when you first joined Treehouse & what encouraged you to learn with us?

I was a web developer at a local agency when I first joined Treehouse. I wanted to learn some more advanced web technologies, including JavaScript, PHP & MySQL, as well as build my first iPhone app, and begin learning Objective-C. I’d seen an advert for Treehouse on a web design blog, and it looked really interesting. The element that absolutely committed me to Treehouse was the actual showcase of the whole process, not just the actual coding languages, but the setting up of IDE’s, the getting started, the tools and more. The fact I could build an iPhone app, from start to finish completely, all in one series really appealed to me. I learn very iteratively, via trial and error, and Treehouse provides the exact platform to be able to learn in this way, with challenges and resources, my learning development was made quicker and much easier.

Tell us a little about how your career has evolved since learning with Treehouse and the work you’re doing now.

When I began using Treehouse, I had good solid front-end web development coding skills. Treehouse has helped me expand into backend technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and helped me with iOS development the most. I’m currently self-employed, running my own business, and just about to launch my first iOS game on the App Store, Polarctic.

What has the value of a Treehouse education meant to you?

Treehouse has enabled me to learn quickly, to make the learning of iOS sustainable whilst I was working for the local agency. It kept the complexities of the native coding simple, which really helped. The concept of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) was new to me, so the step up was really hard on my own, as I am entirely self-taught.

What are your plans for the future, and what’s up next on your learning path?

I want to further increase my coding knowledge in iOS, with every iteration of code, every new iOS series on the Roadmap, I’m expanding my knowledge, becoming better at what I do. I eventually want to get on to Android development, to be in a situation where I can code a website, build an iOS app, and build an Android app. That’d be pretty cool.

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are just starting out?

Get stuck in. Push yourself to achieve more, and never forget that you’ll always be learning. With the industry we’re in, things are constantly evolving, so you need to keep up with the tech, and Treehouse provides the perfect platform for doing this. Have goals that’ll drive you to succeed – for me, this was taking what I’d learnt from the stage, and applying it to the app I wanted to build.

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