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Faye Bridge
writes on November 2, 2015

Rob was introduced to WordPress during college and was immediately drawn to its user friendliness and community. Post college, Rob graduated with a degree in business and was working in financial services. He started to hear more buzz around learning to code and the number of online resources available to do so and decided to give it a shot.

Rob worked his way through a few resources but struggled to fully grasp the coding concepts and how to apply them. Then Rob discovered Treehouse. The platform taught Rob in a way that helped him not only learn new skills but also how to put them to use in the real world.

As Rob’s WordPress skills expanded, he took on small projects from friends and family. Then, he was given the opportunity to develop a website for one of the largest Industrial Machine Companies in Houston, Texas. The project was a huge challenge, but one that Rob took on confidently and successfully completed. Since then, Rob’s career as a WordPress developer has been thriving.

We caught up with Rob to hear more about how his career has evolved since learning WordPress and his plans for the future.

[Treehouse] is by far the best investment that I’ve made in my adult life. I value Treehouse the same way I value my 4-year degree.

What first drew you to the web industry, in particular, WordPress Development?

I was always intrigued with the web industry and community. For someone to have the ability to think about an idea and then build it just seemed empowering to me. That was what initially drew me to it but at that time I still didn’t understand exactly what I needed to do to learn how to develop websites. I came across WordPress after college when I started to do some blogging. I really enjoyed how user-friendly it was as well as the support people from the WordPress community gave fellow users.

What work were you doing when you first joined Treehouse & what encouraged you to learn with us?

I was working in Financial Services with a degree is in Business. About 4 years ago I started hearing about all of these platforms online where you could learn to code. I would try different ones out and I did learn some things, but they were mostly drills and practice. I was watching a Founders Show online and the founder of Treehouse, Ryan Carson, was the guest so I figured I’d try it out. From the first day, I knew that the Treehouse platform would teach me to put my skills to use in the real world. As that was what I was struggling with before, I was encouraged from then on.

After two years of learning with Treehouse, you now have a successful WordPress Development firm. Tell us a little about how your career has evolved since learning with Treehouse and the work you’re doing now.

Well, it’s still a challenge and I have ups and downs. Ultimately I started with my friends and family, they were my first clients. Most of the work they needed was relatively small websites. I would do sites for them and still continue studying WordPress. One thing I will say is I never stopped studying and I never took a step backward. Every project was better than the last. Every mistake led me to improve. I came across an opportunity to develop a website for one of the largest Industrial Machine Companies in Houston. It was a huge jump from WordPress sites for Musicians, Mom and Pop Shops etc. It was a challenge, but I was able to complete it and from there my clientele began to change and I began to make a living as a WordPress Developer.

What has the value of a Treehouse education meant to you?

It’s been life changing for me literally. It is by far the best investment that I’ve made in my adult life. I value Treehouse the same way I value my 4-year degree.

What are your plans for the future, and what’s up next on your learning path?

My plans for the future are to reach out and try to get more inner city kids introduced to web development, programming etc. I’m also going to build some themes and submit to WordPress. I want to be more active in the community. Learning-wise I want to continue learning more about WordPress and take my skills to an advanced level and I am also going to begin studying Swift, I’d like to make an iPhone App.

Is there any advice you’d like to share with new students who are just starting out?

Yes, just stay the course. Even if it doesn’t make sense just keep going. it’s not going to make sense at times but if you just stick with it eventually it all starts to slow down and fit together.

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