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Guil Hernandez
writes on August 13, 2021

We’re excited to announce the launch of two new courses, JavaScript and the DOM and Interacting with the DOM. Students will bring web pages to life using the power of JavaScript, one of the essential tools for creating fun, interactive, and functional websites and applications.

JavaScript and the DOM

The DOM is an object-based representation of a web page with built-in properties and methods, which you can read and modify with JavaScript. It’s what allows developers to program a web page using JavaScript. 

In the course JavaScript and the DOM, students learn essential concepts and tools to make web pages interactive with JavaScript, separating interactivity into distinct actions:

  • Selecting elements on the page
  • Manipulating the elements
  • Listening for user actions (or events)

Students write JavaScript to build a daily task app and make it interactive. They’ll program alongside the instructor adding new tasks, removing specific tasks, and showing and hiding the task list.

Interacting with the DOM

There is more to learn about making web pages dynamic and interactive with JavaScript and the DOM. One of the strengths of JavaScript is its ability to handle user interaction. In the course Interacting with the DOM, instructor Reggie Williams guides students in writing JavaScript to listen for different events (or user actions) and make changes to the DOM when they occur.

Students continue programming the task list app throughout the course while learning convenient ways to access elements in the DOM and how to get around (or traverse) the DOM based on the relationships between elements.

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