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Linnea Schulenburg
writes on May 31, 2017

How does your business hire for positions that require technical skills?

Are you looking for the person who has the most experience with a certain technology? Or, are you looking for someone that will complement your team?

It’s understandable to hope for the perfect person to apply for the job – someone who has all the skills you need and the right personality – but in reality, you may have to choose. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Exhaustive technical skill sets only solve one piece of the puzzle when trying to find the right person for a job, but because technology stacks and environments can be so different, it’s likely that there will be some amount of training needed regardless of any existing skills. Hiring someone who complements your existing team members, whether in personality, drive or expertise, and giving them tools to learn the necessary technical skills can result in a better fit for everyone.

MailChimp, for example, solves for this problem by providing Treehouse to both new hires and long time employees who want to move into technical roles. Treehouse works for MailChimp because it’s a flexible learning option, and offers skills development appropriate for a range of people with different levels of experience in technology. By providing across the board access to technical training, MailChimp has been able to onboard hires quickly, create a technical talent pipeline for current employees, and see an overall boost in employee engagement.

See how MailChimp approaches hiring and technical training below

Want to learn more about how MailChimp uses Treehouse to increase technical skills? Check out their story here!

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