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Sariah Hafen
writes on March 19, 2021

Remember the child learning to love books at the knee of a librarian during story hour; the child who, not yet able to read, discovered their imagination could pull them into the tale? Remember the child who hid from the school bully in the safety of the shelves; who delved into worlds other than their own, worlds made better by heros? 

I do.

Remember the teen that waited with bated breath for the Bookmobile each month; the teen who begged for more books than their limit because it would be weeks before they returned? Remember the teen who had their books confiscated by teachers for reading during a lecture, and their light bulb removed each night by parents so they would go to bed?

I do.

Remember the young adult who found direction and purpose outside of the narrow confines of what their community had taught them; the young adult who realized that they were not alone in their struggles? Remember the young adult who learned to critically question and evaluate what society taught them through the written words of others? Remember the young adult who couldn’t afford a computer, but had a college assignment due? 

I do.

Remember the parent struggling to learn new workforce skills? The grandparent trying to stay connected to their family in a digital world? The immigrant learning another language? Remember seeing them all in our public libraries?

I do.

Remember the librarian who showed you how to build a resume; how to fill out an online application? Remember when you could check out and read or listen to books on your phone or home computer? Remember when you could go to the library and learn to use spreadsheets and word processors? Remember when you could learn to code?

Libraries are an essential public resource. They are one of the last places where the public can gather for free, where they can learn for free, and where public funds give patrons access to safe spaces. Librarians have always been at the forefront of that push.

At Treehouse we want to empower libraries to provide an educational platform which allows patrons to learn a skill that can change their career path. Our mission to diversify the tech industry begins in our own communities. There is a wealth of talent in underrepresented populations. We believe everyone has the right to work in the tech industry and that college is not the only way to learn.

Because of this belief I am excited to announce we have lowered our cost for libraries, schools, and non-profit organizations! Please reach out to me if you have any questions about how a Team Plan can benefit your community.

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