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Guil Hernandez
writes on November 29, 2013

We’re really excited to announce our new course on Sass! Sass is a powerful language that extends CSS with handy features like nesting, variables, mixins, math operations, and more, in a CSS-compatible syntax. Because of this, many of today’s popular websites, applications, and frameworks are built using this amazing CSS preprocessor.

If you have yet to give Sass a try, Sass Basics is the perfect course to get started. And what better way to learn than from Hampton Catlin, the creator of Sass! After he walks you through the simple installation process you’ll get coding right away, uncovering all of Sass’ super powers.

Have fun, and as Hampton says, “Once you feel the power of Sass pulsing through your veins, you won’t be able to control yourself!”

Sass Basics

2 Responses to “Learn Sass on Treehouse”

  1. Actually just made the switch a few weeks ago when I was introduced to it through the marketing firm I work at. Really awesome stuff, feels natural as if should have been a part of the language all the time. Math, variables and mixins make front-end work loads faster and a ton more enjoyable.

  2. Actually I’ve learned a new thing or two, really nice deep dive =) Thanks to Hampton & the Treehouse team!

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