Curious about Java? Listen to what our Java teacher, Craig Dennis, has to say!

What are your favorite and least favorite things about Java?

Least:  Java is verbose.  It is overwhelming for a beginner and often times causes burnout before finally understanding everything.
Favorite:  Java is verbose.  Because everything is so specifically stated, as long as you know what the terms mean, you can understand what the program is intending to do.

What do you think the future of Java entails?

Java 8 introduced some great functional programming tricks that are going to make things much more approachable, even more fun is on the way in 9.  There is a lot of communication and data gathering happening with our things.  The Internet of Things is really shaping up to be the next big movement, and Java will be right at the forefront, I mean that’s what its original dream was.  Android is growing in popularity and bringing Java along with it.

What is it like being a Java pro?

Well in all honesty, I haven’t used Java professionally for quite a while.  I developed heavily in Python and JavaScript right before working here at Treehouse.  I can say this, Java is in high demand, every user group I go to is about 30% devs and the rest are recruiters.  You will grow and be able to transfer whatever skills you learn into the rest of your career.

For someone who is interested in learning, what advice would you give them?

Do it, and stick with it.  Java has been around for a long time and the best practices surrounding it have evolved.  Many languages have embraced the best practices learned from Java, so learning it will make other worlds of familiarity open up.

Describe Java in 3 words.

Old Dirty Bastard.  Nah, just kiddin.  Let’s see…Stable And Speedy (yeah, that’s just 2 words).

If Java was an animal, what kind would it be?

Spider.  Very intricate and well laid out materials.  Also, those mofos are everywhere.