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writes on February 8, 2011

I’m constantly blown away by how many types of software that have traditionally only been possible to write either natively or using plugins like Flash can now be written for the web with HTML5 technologies. Lately I’ve been really impressed with Impact, a framework for developing 2D games on the canvas. It has some really helpful and well documented classes for working with sound, animations, and input including touch input on mobile devices, and works in all of the browsers that support the canvas, including IE9. There’s even a bundled browser-based editor!

Even if you’re not interested in writing a game yourself, be sure to check out the Impact demo game, BioLab Disaster. It’s amazing to see what they’re doing with just HTML5 technologies. I have to warn you, though, that Impact comes with a price tag. Impact licenses cost $99 per developer. If you’d prefer open source solutions instead, here’s a great list of JavaScript game engines on Reddit. I’m really curious to know if developers are willing to pay for JavaScript libraries, especially when those libraries are taking on more difficult to write code like graphics in the canvas, audio, and timing in games.

Paid libraries or not, it’s clear that writing really rich applications directly in the browser without the use of flash or other plugins is here to stay. I can’t wait to see what kinds of neat apps our community creates next.

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  1. Yeah I’m studying at the same university 😉
    Dieburg Yeah!!

  2. I’ll never understand why some paid programmers think the work of other programmers should be free. Impact wants $99/seat and no royalties. It will be used to create games that will sell for $0.99-$1.99 via various app stores, or that will be deployed on ad-supported websites. That’s not a bad price point.

  3. Awesome, Biolab disaster reminds me of a cross between Worms and Another World 🙂

  4. Oh boy, am I gonna build the Commodore 64 Bruce Lee with this 🙂

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