LearnGoogle's decreasingly useful, spam-filled web search

writes on January 9, 2011

A really interesting breakdown of the mounting troubles and battles that Google is dealing with. I agree with Marco on this and I find myself using sites like Quora.com a lot more.

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  1. My name is Pal Sahota and I agree with the above article. Google has changed and does not have the same ideals when it started. I am shocked as to what they have done recently to me. They seem to have lost self respect in my eyes. It seems to be pure greed!! They together with other ‘software giants’ in the US seem to have ‘struck’ an ‘agreement’ with USTPO with regards to being granted US ‘patents’!! My case is set out below.



    I am fighting to change the US patent system to protect the US and the world from “US extortion on software” which will set the world back by 20 years in software development!!

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