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writes on February 2, 2012

At Carsonified Towers, we’re all getting super excited for May, when The Future of Web Design hits London for another three days of learning and inspiration. As ever, we kick off the show with four full-day workshops – each lead by a totally inspirational industry leader. From 9am am to 5pm, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and knuckling down for a serious hit of web savvy. Numbers are capped at 40 for each workshop, ensuring a great learning environment.

This year’s chosen workshop topics are already proving popular. First up, we’ve got the unstoppable force of web awesomeness that is Paul Boag. Director of Headscape, Paul will be leading a crash course in Running A Successful Web Design Business: “We like to think that being a successful independent web designer is about creating great websites. Its not. Running your own business is about a lot more than having the right professional skills.

After wowing the crowds as a Rising Star back in 2011, Steve Fisher has rapidly become one of our most popular speakers. He’ll be joining us again in London to lead his Rock Solid UX Deliverables workshop: “No longer something that has to always be hugely complex and costly, we’ll cover the back-to-basics approach to UX design in this workshop and how to practically dispatch a rock solid responsive web design UX deliverables package.” 

Next up, creator of the uber popular Coach to 5K app, Josh Clark will be crossing the Atlantic to deliver his Teaching Touch workshop – a sell out success at FOWD NYC last year: “The workshop presents nitty-gritty ‘rule of thumb’ design techniques that together form a framework for crafting finger-friendly interface metaphors, affordances, and gestures for a new generation of mobile apps that inform and delight.

Last but not least, longtime Carsonified favourites, the Web Standardistas will be joining the fun, to teach their Good Ideas Grow On Paper workshop: “Armed with some fundamental design principles and an abundance of tools – which naturally includes the Standardistas’ ‘Bag of Awesome™’ (containing a veritable cornucopia of material) – we show the aspiring analogue designer a range of methods for breaking out of the stranglehold of the often clichéd digital world.

Which workshop appeals the most to you? For detailed information on all of them, head on over to our schedule page

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