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Emily Schweiss
writes on July 2, 2020

You have a team in need of technical training. At the end of the day, they need to know and understand the tools in your tech stack. Different colleagues have different levels of knowledge on different topics, so how are you supposed to get them all up to speed? We know you don’t have time to build a custom training program for each team member. If only there was a way to analyze each person’s expertise and assign only needed training.

What if we told you there is?

Custom Tracks for your Tech Stack

One of the many perks of having a Treehouse for Teams account is access to the Customer Success team. We will work with you to build out a custom track leveraging any of the courses, workshops, and practice sessions available in our library. Tell us your technical knowledge needs, and we’ll recommend a pathway to get your team up to speed. 

Once finalized, this custom track will live in your Treehouse Library and can be assigned to any learner in your organization (with optional due dates to make tracking progress simple).  

While this is a great starting point, we know your training program will lose engagement quickly if folx have to go through coursework for topics they already know. So how can we adapt for each individual? The answer is Compass.

Tailored Learning Journey for each Learner

Compass customizes a Track to students’ individual skill set, allowing organizations to provide adaptive, personalized training without having to invest hundreds of hours developing a custom curriculum to meet the needs of varying skill levels.

When students join a Track with Compass, they’ll have the option to run through an assessment before taking any of the curriculum. This assessment is tailored to the Track they have joined and will specifically test them on the learning objectives within that Track. Based on their assessment results, we automatically personalize the Track, allowing the student to skip over content they already know and focus on the material that helps them improve. Once Compass has been enabled for your organization, all members will have the ability to test out of content on supported Tracks.

When the student clicks Start Assessment, they’ll enter an assessment mode within the app. (The student is alerted that assessments cannot be retaken.)

How it Works

Our system will scan all of the courses within the chosen Track. If the track covers multiple topics (like CSS, HTML, Javascript and SQL), Compass will automatically group all topic questions together and lead the student through each individual topic until the assessment is complete.

As the student progresses through the assessment, Compass will monitor how the student is performing. If Compass notices the student doesn’t pass an intermediate course, it will not make the student test on more advanced content within that topic.

Upon completion, the student is given a complete review of what they got right and what they missed (with the correct answers displayed). Based on the information we’ve learned about the student during the test, we’ll customize the Track, testing them out of content they already knew, while still making it accessible in the event they want a review.

Once all the questions within a course have been answered, the student will hit a checkpoint page before moving on to the next course. These checkpoints have been designed as natural stopping points within the overall assessment.

During the assessment, the student has the option to click the I don’t know button. This will record their answer as a non-answer, prompting us to show the correct answer on the review page.

If you need to learn more about an individual’s journey, just click their name on the Members tab in “My Org” to see their progress. On each user’s profile page, a progress module for assigned Tracks displays additional detail around what the user is learning.

Building an effective training program is easy with Compass powering your Custom Tracks. How can we help you get started today?


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  1. This is a nice approach to keep track of employees skills improvement. Compass surely prove a good training method to implement iin comming days.

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