LearnApplying Normalize.css Reset – Quick Tip


Guil Hernandez
writes on October 31, 2012

In this Quick Tip we’ll learn about Normalize.css, a new CSS tool we can use as an alternative to traditional CSS reset methods.

Normalize.css makes browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards. It precisely targets only the styles that need normalizing.

Video Transcription

Guil: Hi, I’m Guil from Treehouse. In this Quick Tip, we’ll learn about
Normalize.css, a new CSS tool we can use as an alternative
to traditional CSS reset methods. Let’s check it out. Most
CSS resets provide developers a baseline for styling pages
by completely removing certain browser style
inconsistencies, such as margins, padding, line height, and
heading font sizes.

But depending on your project, it’s okay to leave in some
of those basic default browser styles. What Normalize.css
does is it preserves useful browser default styles instead
of removing all default styles from every element. It also
corrects common bugs like display settings for HTML5
elements, font size rendering, and form element styling.

All HTML elements will render consistently and in line with
modern web standards. You can download Normalize.css at
necolas.github.com/normalize.css. Or grab the files on
GitHub at /necolas/normalize.css. So save the file in your
project folder, then you can link to it from your HTML file
right above your main style sheet. Or you can import it
from your main style sheet and you’re all set.

There are some advantages to using Normalize.css over other
CSS reset methods. Since it preserves useful default
styles, there’s no need to overwrite a lot of element
styles. Headings and paragraphs, for example, preserve
their default styles consistently across the browsers.
Another neat feature is that it also makes form elements
cross-browser consistent and styleable.

The normalized style sheet is small in size and it’s
modular, so it makes it easy for us to see exactly which
elements need specific styles, and we can also remove
entire sections of the CSS file if we do not need them in
our project. The CSS file also has detailed in line
documentation explaining why each rule was added and how it
affects each browser.

If you’re using HTML5 Boilerplate from
html5boilerplate.com, Normalize.css is already included. It
also has wide browser support, including mobile browsers.
Normalize.css is not necessarily a better solution over
other CSS reset techniques. It’s just an alternative method
that depending on your project might be the best fit.

With other full CSS resets, you begin from no styles
whatsoever and build up from there. Normalize.css lets you
start somewhere in the middle in a state that’s consistent
in all browsers. Then you build up or down as you need to.

If you’ve been using CSS resets for a while, give
Normalize.css a try. You might realize that your site might
require less fixes for browser compatibility than you
thought. As with any tool or framework, read the
documentation first to make sure it’s the right solution
for you.

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  3. Roop Gohain on April 24, 2013 at 12:23 am said:

    Today I have install normalize.css in my joomla2.5 template, removing reset.css. In my opinion this should be the first choice of every designer. It reduces my job up to 80%.

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