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The Engineering People Show, Episode 35: Chris McCooey

Treehouse founder and CEO Ryan Carson interviews Chris McCooey about developing engineers, nurturing innovators and creating experiences that delight users.

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Break Rooms, not Job Fairs: How to hire the perfect junior developer

Hiring outside engineering talent is expensive, time-consuming and risky. Here are some ways that savvy tech companies conserve those resources and still acquire the junior devs they need.

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The Engineering People Show, Episode 34: Robert Stewart

On today’s episode, Ryan chats with the CTO and Chief Architect at Castlight about his career, engineering-team leadership, machine-learning algorithms and more!

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The Engineering People Show, Episode 33: Don Thompson

Treehouse CEO/founder Ryan Carson sits down with Don Thompson, the VP of Software Development at Nextech Systems, to talk about his long career and unique perspective on the company.

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Team Treehouse’s “Hey, have you seen this?” list for October 9th

Talent bidding wars, managing teams, building a better future of equity, diversity and inclusion: Here’s what we’ve been reading at Treehouse this week:

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Change Wave 004: Dory Weiss

“The things that I loved about being a teacher and a facilitator, and the ways that I like to think about classroom dynamics, those things translate very well to organizational dynamics”

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