What are the differences between Treehouse Basic, Pro and Techdegree?

Our ultimate guide to the differences between Treehouse Basic, Pro and Techdegree. Have questions about which plan is the best one for you? Here are some answers.


Learn to Wireframe

Have you ever had an idea for a website or mobile app? Learn to wireframe and you can visualize your idea so you can then create it. Here’s how:

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Become a Certified Developer with a Techdegree

Techdegree helps people learn the tech skills to change their lives, via a structured program with a rigorous curriculum, 9+ portfolio projects, a support network and a proctored final exam. Challenge yourself, deepen your skills and prove your knowledge to potential employers. All in 6-12 months, on your own schedule.

Business Resources

Change Wave 008: Laine Campbell

Laine Campbell is SVP of Engineering at Fastly. Over her 19 year career, she has specialized in distributed and high traffic databases, operations and reliability and building large distributed teams for some of the largest infrastructures…


React, Angular, Vue: What they can do and which one is for you

Selecting a front end JavaScript framework can be a difficult, confusing process. React and Angular — now there’s this new thing called Vue? You don’t have time to learn all three. So, how do you choose?


Techdegree Success: From Nanny to JavaScript Developer in six months

“I had already taken a number of the courses on Treehouse that I needed in order to complete the Techdegree, so that was a definite plus. If I’d gone anywhere else for any sort of degree or certification, I would have to sit through all the basics again.”


What is Git, and can it really recover deleted files?

If you’re using Git and accidentally delete your work, don’t despair! You should be able to recover it with a just this bit of code:


Python for Beginners: Let’s play a/an [adjective] game

It’s amazing what Python beginners can do with just a few programming concepts. Let’s show you how to make your own Mad Libs-style game from scratch.