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Jenavieve Dance

Jenavieve Dance
writes on June 6, 2024

Are you ready to supercharge your career journey and unlock your full potential? We are excited to announce Treehouse’s new live career-building workshops, designed to help you launch your career.

Hosted by Career Advisor and Community Manager Jenavieve Dance, these immersive workshops will dive into industry secrets, provide insider tips from experts, and include interactive exercises that will leave you equipped with actionable strategies to level up your career. Don’t settle for just taking notes — join us for an experience that will transform the way you approach your professional growth!

Workshop Lineup

Wednesday, June 26: Prepare Your Portfolio for the Job Hunt

Learn how to craft a compelling portfolio that showcases your skills and experiences effectively in your job hunt. Get tips on highlighting your strengths and making a lasting impression on potential employers.

Wednesday, July 17: Launch Your Web Development Career

Discover essential skills, industry insights, and strategies for kickstarting your journey as a web developer. From technical interviewing to portfolio building, get ready to launch your career in web development.

Wednesday, August 7: How To Nail Every Interview

Nail your next interview with confidence! Learn valuable techniques, best practices, and interview tips. From preparation to post-interview follow-ups, this session will equip you with the tools to succeed in any interview scenario.

Wednesday, September 4: Launch Your Data Science Career

Explore the dynamic field of data science and kickstart your career journey. Learn about key concepts, tools, and industry trends that will set you on the path to becoming a successful data scientist.

Wednesday, October 2: How to Master the Job Hunt

Master the art of job hunting with practical strategies and insider tips. This workshop covers resume optimization, networking techniques, interview preparation, and navigating job search platforms. Elevate your job search game and land your dream role with confidence.

Wednesday, November 6: Tech Roundtable: Insights from Industry Experts

Join us for an engaging roundtable discussion with industry experts from diverse tech backgrounds. Gain valuable insights, perspectives, and industry trends as these professionals share their experiences and discuss their experiences in the tech industry.

Wednesday, December 4: Launch Your Tech-Adjacent Career

Discover exciting career paths adjacent to the tech industry in this informative workshop. Explore roles in tech marketing, project management, UX/UI design, and more. Learn how to leverage your skills and interests to launch a successful career in tech-adjacent fields.

How to Sign Up

Live Career Workshops are 45 minutes long, including a 25-minute lecture with screen sharing, a 10-minute Q&A, and 10-minute exercises. Each session is carefully curated to provide you with actionable strategies, hands-on learning experiences, and networking opportunities that will propel your career forward. Secure your spot now and take the next step toward your career goals.

Take charge of your career journey and unlock your full potential with our Live Career Workshops. Register for all of the workshops on our Live Sessions page!

Want to gain access to all the career support Treehouse has to offer? Sign up to become a Treehouse student here.


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