Four Sites for Android Design Inspiration

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Treehouse teacher Ben Jakuben lives and breathes Android development. He teaches our Android Development track. So he knows a thing or two about where to find inspiration for cutting-edge Android apps. Here’s a list of his four ‘go-to’ sites for Android design inspiration. Enjoy.


Android Niceties


Inspired UI


Dribbble (search for Android)


Android App Patterns

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Ben Jakuben

I'm a dad to a few, husband to one, son to two, brother to one, and friend to many. I spent nine years in software development before finding my dream job with Treehouse. Lately I've been focused on mobile development (primarily Android) as well as how to be a better father/husband/son/friend. Firmly committed to the belief that the world is evolving to a better place. Find me on Twitter @benjakuben.


3 comments on “Four Sites for Android Design Inspiration

  1. Awwwards also (albeit infrequently) posts successful mobile UI designs. All the mockups appear in iPhones, but there is a certain amount of transferability between mobile types (and OS).