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Faye Bridge
writes on August 4, 2017

Each week we publish new content for you here on the blog. From tutorials and coding tips to student stories and tech industry news and insights, we’re here to give you a weekly dose of web design and development resources. Be sure to check back in weekly, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with what’s new on the Treehouse blog. Here’s a recap of what you missed recently.

How Do You Prepare for Your First Job in Tech?

Searching for a job is a skill that can be learned, just like we can learn to create apps or design a website’s layout. Here are a few of the Treehouse HR team’s top tips to help you prepare. Read more.

Should I Learn Kotlin or Java?

With Android officially adopting Kotlin as a supported language, there’s one question that every new Android developer should be asking themselves: should I learn Kotlin or Java? In our mind, it’s definitely Kotlin. Treehouse Android Teacher, Ben Deitch, explains why. Read more.

kotlin or java

Don’t be Afraid to Break Your Code (Everyone Does)

Our instinct tells us that things shouldn’t be broken, but when it comes to coding, reverse that thought process. Regardless of what type (and level) of developer you are, coding relies on using a programming language to solve a problem, so naturally problem-solving is the most valuable skill you can have. So what’s the best way to improve your problem-solving skills? Find out what does and doesn’t work. Put your ideas to the test. Break your code and put it back together. In the world of developers, that’s what everyone does. Read more.

Prepare for Google’s Associate Android Developer Certification Exam with Treehouse

Today, smartphones and apps have more power than ever to transform people’s lives. The Treehouse team have developed an outstanding step-by-step curriculum that students can use to learn how to make apps for Android, even with no prior knowledge about programming. And we just announced in May that Treehouse is now a Google Developers Authorized Training Partner, which means our content can be used to prepare students for the Associate Android Developer Certification exam. Read more.

Android Certificate

Goroutines Make Concurrency (Almost) Easy

When the creators of the Go programming language were writing up their wish list for a new language, they wanted to make it easy to write concurrent programs. Their solution comes in the form of 2 features: goroutines, which are functions that run concurrently, and channels, which simultaneously allow communication and synchronization between goroutines. Read more.


From Waiter to Programmer & Digital Content Manager: Jonathan Borteij’s Story

In his early 20s, Jonathan Borteij found himself without a college degree, working in a restaurant. He decided it was time to pursue an entirely new career path. That’s when Jonathan discovered Treehouse and began learning. This experience introduced him to the tech industry, which was a perfect fit for him. Since then, Jonathan has worked as a programmer and now works as a digital content manager at one of the world’s largest ferry operators. Using his Treehouse knowledge, he has also earned 5 certifications from Google. With such a diverse resume of skills alongside his knowledge of digital strategies, Jonathan is starting out on an exciting career path, an opportunity that he credits Treehouse for helping him achieve. We asked Jonathan to share his story. Read more.

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