LearnTwo new Carson Workshops

writes on June 26, 2008

There is an exciting opportunity for developers to come to the Carsonified office and hone their skills in Ruby on Rails and PHP5. We are offering one day workshops on 30th and 31st of July, lead by Adam Cooke of aTech Labs and our own Keir Whitaker. These workshops are limited to 10 seats each so act fast to book a place.
How to get started with Ruby on Rails. Build a complete blogging app in a day. This course will highlight all the key features and techniques you need to build your own Rails app. It’s a great opportunity to learn all about the framework and get answers to all the questions you have.

How to build a PHP5 web app in a day. Make your coding life easier, enjoyable and more rewarding. This is a practical and intimate course designed to give you a sound understanding of the programming techniques for PHP5 app development. Take your coding to the next level, you will be put forward ideas and ask questions. This day is a great forum to resolve all the issues you have experienced in your own PHP5 programming.

Full details are available at carsonworkshops.com

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  1. MichaelZ on June 26, 2008 at 7:44 pm said:


    I would love to come…but, like BrandM mentioned, can’t make it because I live in North America. I think an online course, if possible, is a great idea. Or, come to Charlotte North Carolina!! 🙂


  2. Hi Ryan,
    Sounds great. For those of (most of) us in North America and elsewhere who cannot make it, would you consider offering an online version with video?

    Of course for a small fee 😉

    That would be great.


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