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Etan Berkowitz
writes on September 21, 2012

We’ve got a great community of students here at Treehouse so we thought it’d be exciting to start highlighting some of them. Dean’s List is Treehouse’s way of showing the world people who are passionate about learning, bettering themselves and making a difference.

In our first edition of Dean’s List, we’ll be highlighting Treehouse member Paul Roman whose been a Treehouse member since April. His first ever coding project was creating his own personal site that he uses to encapsulate his aspirations, design skills and passion for the web. Paul is a family man and decided that he wanted to take charge of his life and learn some skills he could use to support his two new children.

The Interview

• Tell us a little about yourself and what inspires or motivates you.

“I was born and raised in Silicon Valley and I am lucky enough to still be living here.  I have always been interested in the possibilities of the web since its early inception and I feel that we are still in the infancy stages of what it can offer us. I know there is no better time to be making a career transition into this field.  I love great design: layouts, cars, toys, houses, buildings or everyday products. Self fulfillment and my wife and children are my main inspiration and these are the reason I decided to move into the web industry.”

• How did you learn about Treehouse, and what drove you to sign up?

“I was researching web design/development schools here in Silicon Valley.  I had identified a different school and asked a friend in the industry what he thought or if he knew anyone who had attended.  He replied with a link to Treehouse and said I should check it out.  After spending some time on the site and researching as much as I could I quickly realized that this was the learning vehicle for me.

The other company’s site from a design perspective was very outdated and the Treehouse site looked clean, fun, and the information being taught seemed to be great for a newbie.  I thought to myself that if the site for learning isn’t visually stimulating then what will they actually be teaching me?  I think that the clean design of the Treehouse site as well as the engaging teachers in the videos are what sold me on choosing Treehouse.  Also I liked the fact that they were fairly new and I wasn’t so overwhelmed with thousands of possibly outdated videos.  I was able to work diligently to gain as much knowledge as I wanted at my own pace and not feel like I was not moving forward.”

• What’s your background, particularly with the web industry?

“I have been involved in the web in many different aspects over the years from project management and logo design elements to price negotiations between developers and company owners, but never as a coder or programmer.  I have used some Adobe products over the years (Flash and Illustrator) for logo creations, but as far as trying to code HTML or CSS I had never even touched anything like that.  Treehouse has given me the baseline knowledge I need to make a complete transition into this field and I look forward to learning as they continue to add new and more in depth content.”

• What kind of work were you doing when you started learning with Treehouse?

“I have a successful career in Real Estate and decided I wanted to learn Web Design and Development.  There is so much opportunity here in Silicon Valley when it comes to web based careers so I knew it could not be a better time to gain knowledge at an affordable price point.”

• What skills did you learn at Treehouse? How are you using those skills now, and how do you intend to apply them in the future?

“I have earned 70 Treehouse badges and have learned skills including but not limited to HTML, CSS, color theory, design layout, as well as how to tie it all together to design pages and sites to publish on the web.  I am using the skills to perfect my online portfolio ( to present to prospective employers and design firms.  Please see my Treehouse profile for all the skills I have acquired and continue to acquire at”

• What would be your dream job?

“My dream job is working with a great team at a design/development firm that is doing exciting and new projects.  I love the design/development process from concept to completion. I want to be able to learn and contribute on projects that challenge me and are pushing the envelope of what the web has to offer.”

• What would you tell your friends about Treehouse?

“I tell my friends that Treehouse offers a great learning environment for people looking to get started in the web industry.  It is extremely time and cost effective. The instructors present the information in a non-intimidating manner and are easy to understand.”

• From your learning experience, is there any advice you would give other Treehouse members?

“I think the best advice I could give someone from my learning experience is to stay focused and you will not be disappointed.  The badge system is an awesome way to measure your progress and accomplishments.  You can learn at your own pace and if you need to review the material multiple times, you can. As with any education, you get out of it what you put into it.”

• Is there anything else you would like to share with the Treehouse community?

“I would just like to give thanks to Treehouse, the instructors, and the responsive staff for providing me with a great experience when making a career change into the exciting and challenging web industry.  The cost is extremely inexpensive and the content is more than adequate.  For anyone on the fence about making the jump into this field you should know that I had zero coding experience when joining Treehouse and in a short amount of time, I now have enough knowledge and understanding to design and develop websites.  My experience and time spent with Treehouse continues to be enjoyable and the community here offers great useful critiques and provides help and suggestions.”


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