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James and Craig

Ryan Carson
writes on April 12, 2017

Michael is a Creative Manager at Treehouse, where he works on creating new content for Treehouse students, like the Treehouse Show and the Dev Team Show.

1. JavaScript Basics

JavaScript is one of the most challenging languages to learn. It has weird syntax and can be very clunky to figure out. I don’t know how many times I’ve used a document.write method to solve a problem because I couldn’t figure out how to implement things properly.

I tried to learn JavaScript before and after JavaScript Basics came out. This course is really a game changer. This should be the course that everyone takes to learn JavaScript. It is well paced with lots of practice.

2. GitHub Basics

At some point, you need to learn how to use Git and GitHub, and you couldn’t have a better entry point than GitHub Basics, a course that we produced with Kyle Dangle and Alyson La from GitHub. It was a pleasure to work with them on this course and I love the energy and enthusiasm they bring to an important subject. This is a great entry point to using GitHub! And afterwards, if you want to dive deeper into Git, we have the challenging and fun Git Basics course.

3. C# Basics


C# is a challenging language to learn that is full of scary and intimidating statements like:

public Static Void Main()

For me, C# Basics is an important educational resource that has been missing for a long time.

If you’re trying to build even the simplest project in Unity, knowing how C# works will help you out. C# Basics is a great, deliberately paced course that gives you the basic familiarity with C# that you need in order to be comfortable reading the code.

4. SQL Basics

SQL is something that sounds intimidating UNTIL you take a single course and realize how simple most of the database queries that you want to run can be. SQL Basics is a great, well paced course with lots of practice. I also love any course that’s taught by Andrew Chalkley and adore his delightful accent.

5. Exercise Your Creative

This is a great ‘lean back’ series created by Designer and Illustrator Mat Helme. I’ve always been impressed by his design work on Dribbble, and it’s awesome to get a window into his thought processes and see how a great designer thinks about problem solving.

It’s Bonus Content, so you’ll have to be a Pro Treehouse user to access it, but it’s absolutely worth your time to check out this inspirational series.

6. The Dev Team Show

James and Craig

(Full Disclosure: This a new series that I’m working on with Treehouse Teacher, James Churchill. )

Treehouse Teacher, James Churchill, hosts the Dev Team Show, which is a conversational programs about topics that are important to developers on teams, like the Role of Design in Software Development, the Internet of Things, Imposter Syndrome, and so much more!

Working with James Churchill is a pleasure, he always has some surprising insight from his career as a developer – and it’s fascinating to listen to someone like him drawing out good conversations with other developers.

Even if you are new to development, watching the Dev Team Show and following up on the resources in the show notes is a great way to get into the developer mindset and think about the kinds of problems that you’ll have as a developer. I’ve personally already learned a ton about how to think like a designer and programmer by producing this content with James.

7. Console Basics


Jim Hoskins

This is an older (but still relevant!) course produced by AirBnB Engineer Jim Hoskins. Jim does an incredible job of showing you how to use all of the most important terminal commands as well as sharing some of the weirder, more esoteric parts of it. It’s a fun course that I highly recommend.

When I set about writing my ‘Top 8’ course at Treehouse, I thought it would be difficult to make this list – but it wasn’t. I’ve had fun working on and taking almost every course in our app.

What are some of your favorite courses? Share them in the comments below.


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3 Responses to “What are Your Top 7 Favorite Treehouse Courses?”

  1. Chris Jones on November 22, 2017 at 7:22 am said:

    1) HTTP Basics
    2) Dependency Injection in ASP.NET
    3) C# Objects
    4) Using Databases in Python (ORMs blow my mind!!!)
    5) C# Basics
    6) Unit Testing in Java
    7) Java Basics
    8) Regular Expressions in Python

  2. introduction to HTML and CSS
    Javascript basics
    Javascript loops, arrays, and objects
    CSS basics

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