LearnThe Future of Cloud Computing

writes on October 26, 2009

In this talk at The Future of Web Apps London, Simon gave clever insight into where cloud hosting and computing is headed, and what it means for your web app. He also talks about ‘Private Clouds’ and interoperability between cloud computing solutions.

Based on Twitter feedback, it was one of the most entertaining and interesting talks of the day, so we think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

You’ll learn …

  1. What ‘Private Clouds’ are and how they’ll affect your web app
  2. How standards in cloud computing will change the way your app is setup
  3. Future developments in Cloud hosting and computing that you should be aware of

Editor’s Note: You won’t want to miss Twitter, Mozilla, Mint.com, Reddit, Alex Payne, Fred Wilson, Gary Vaynerchuk, John Resig, Molly Holzschlag, Steve Huffman and Tara Hunt at The Future of Web Apps Miami.

0 Responses to “The Future of Cloud Computing”

  1. Can the slides be put online with the narrative?

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  2. Thanks,Simon, summary is spot on. There are many similarities in terms of the benifits between cloud and Virtualization including elasticity & flexibility.

  3. No worries Ryan, still an enjoyable talk – just wished I could see how he’s illustrating his slides on the interoperability and transparency sections – purely so I can copy it if I have to convey similar concepts with some of my speakers in the future. A great selection slides I must say – clear and concise.

  4. I don’t mind the lack of slides but the camera operator really needs to find the control that zooms out. Its annoying enough when a speaker wanders back and forth like a caged animal but even more so when the camera operator decides to follow him.

    To quote Simon: “It’s highly disruptive”

  5. Why are there no shots of the slides from 11 minutes to nearly 15?? Can the slides be put online with the narrative?

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