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The Carsonified Family is Growing

We’re so excited to welcome three new people to the Carsonified Team (bringing us up to 11 full-time folks). I’d like to say a huge welcome to Will, Natasha and Keir!

Will is our new Global Accounts Manager. He has some amazing experience at companies like Gartner, so it’s an honor to have him on board. If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our events, he’s your man.

Next up we have the wonderful Natasha. Now that we’ve moved into a much bigger office, we really needed someone to help keep things running smoothly. She’s taking care of the huge number of logistical issues that come with a proper office while also being the cheerful voice that greets folks when they call. She’s also lending a helping hand in taking care of the Carsonified community with Lisa.

And finally, the mighty Keir 🙂 As you probably know, we’re a company who lives and breathes the web, so we need people who thrive in that culture. Keir is the perfect fit. He’s an ex-developer who is excited and knowledgeable about the web industry. He’ll be curating Carson Workshops, Future of Mobile and making the occasional tweaks to our web apps.

Today we were having some fun at the office and Elliot drew our logo on the Carsonified Black Board, so here’s an ‘action’ sequence 🙂

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