In this first post in a new series that explores the perks commonly found when working in tech, let’s review working remotely.

Working from home, telecommuting, working remotely – these all translate to the same basic concept of breaking ties to a workplace office, allowing employees to work in their own space, and often setting their own hours. Over the past decade as technology has improved and offered new conveniences, many companies have embraced the idea of remote work. It has a number of benefits for both employee and employer, including these 10, but has always been under the criticism for the potential to reduce productivity and collaboration.

Regardless, many tech companies recognize that developers often like the option to work remotely, even if they do end up choosing to work in the office. Interestingly, Stack Overflow found in a recent survey of over 26,000 people that there is a correlation for developers working remote and earning more money.

survey results
survey results

Is this too good to be true? Perhaps, although these numbers are promising. What do you think? Do you currently work remotely? If not, would you like that option?

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