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Presenting three new CSS courses!


My name is Anwar Montasir, and I’m a designer, a developer, and a teacher at Treehouse. I’m excited to kick off 2021 by announcing the launch of three new CSS courses as part of the Front End Web Development Techdegree:

If you’re familiar with Treehouse’s Front End Web Development curriculum, you might be familiar with our previous CSS Basics course. And while it’s served us well, the course was due for an update to reflect more modern CSS practices. And as the original course was nearly eight hours long, our goal was to break the content into three smaller, more digestible pieces.

CSS Basics

In CSS Basics, students learn to style their pages while keeping HTML content separate from CSS presentation. Topics covered include basic selectors, values and units, and the CSS cascade.

Students will apply their new CSS knowledge to a resume for a fictitious Treehouse grad named Developer Diane. And while the finished result might not be the most legible resume, the goal here isn’t to create a portfolio-ready product. Students will grow comfortable with CSS syntax, explore the impact of various selectors and measurements, and gain confidence in controlling the style of their HTML document.

CSS Layout

In CSS Layout, students learn the parts of the CSS Box Model, and gain more advanced control over their layout using CSS properties like display, position, and float. This course also introduces CSS Media Queries, so students can adjust their layouts for display on a variety of screens and devices.

Students continue working with Developer Diane, this time on a blog post that remains legible on both a mobile and desktop display.

Enhancing Design with CSS

In Enhancing Design with CSS, students improve their page’s typography by importing fonts and learning type-specific properties such as line-height. They’ll learn advanced visual effects like type and box shadows, rounded corners, and gradients, and even learn to insert decorative content using CSS. Students will add background images to their document and manipulate the color of those images using background blend modes.

During this course, students style a promotional website for Lake Tahoe, California. In doing so, they’ll use the knowledge gained throughout all three CSS courses to create an appealing visual design and a legible typographic experience across a variety of screens.


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