LearnOne of the good guys finally won

writes on April 28, 2011

So you’ve probably heard that Wufoo just got bought for $35,000,000 (!) by Survey Monkey.

This bit of news was particularly salient for me because Kevin Hale, one of the founders, has been a regular speaker at FOWA since 2008.

The nice thing about Wufoo is that they weren’t one of those fancy-smancey Silicon Valley Startups. They got a tiny bit of funding a long time ago and since then they’ve just been quietly kicking ass (TechCrunch covered them once at launch, and once on acquisition). The product is awesome (we use it here at Carsonified) and they’ve built a profitable and respected business.

They’ve always been wonderful at UX and have worked hard to show real love to their customers. They’re the good guys. It’s nice to see a small web shop like this get a big financial win. Congrats guys 🙂

As a side note, I don’t think ‘winning’ as a company means getting acquired. I think Wufoo is awesome, whether they got bought or not. It just happens to be a nice pay day for the founders and team, which is always handy.

If the acquiring company were a bunch of dicks then this would be different. However, Survey Monkey is the perfect company to take Wufoo’s awesomeness and augment it with their cash, connections and infrastructure.

14 Responses to “One of the good guys finally won”

  1. Sometimes good guys can overcome the douchy-Silicon-Valley-squad. Go Wufoo GO!

  2. TBH I have no clue what Wufoo is- but I do love that Kong vs Godzilla sketch! Can I have one too?

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  5. its a good news UX and have worked hard to show real love to their customers.

  6. Part of me is a bit sad: why did Wufoo feel like they had to sell? I’ve been a customer of theirs for years; they had a good, solid, growing product.

    When a “winning” company like Wufoo sells, it makes me suspicious (and fearful for other startups): why couldn’t they keep growing their business on their own? Was “going it alone” not profitable enough? If it’s not profitable to be standalone web app, our industry needs to have a broader discussion.

  7. Totally – used to love wufoo’s simplicity back in the day – great UX.

  8. “I don’t think ‘winning’ as a company means getting acquired”

    I could not agree more as I think that many times whats best for a company is to battle it out on your own and just keep growing steadily but surely and thereby retaining their core clients, values and building on them.

    Anyway, congratulations Woofoo, just remember not to loose track of your core values as others unfortunately have in the past!

  9. Anonymous on April 28, 2011 at 9:19 am said:

    Cute post, and agree about the Winning definition. But the “fancy-smancey Silicon Valley Startups” made it for me.

  10. “If the acquiring company were a bunch of dicks then this would be different.” — Quote o’the day

  11. Congratulations to Wufoo! Well deserved!

  12. Well deserved. Wufoo is great!

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