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Guil Hernandez
writes on August 10, 2021

I’m excited to announce my new workshop, Automate Your Work with Zapier. In the workshop, you’ll learn how Zapier can make you happier by connecting many of the web apps and software you use to get tasks done.

What is Zapier?

Zapier makes automation easy and accessible to everyone, integrating with familiar apps like Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, Google Drive, GitHub, and thousands of other apps. You create custom workflows that automatically move information between your apps so that you can spend less time every day on repetitive work—letting the computer do the work for you.

The Zapier dashboard where you can create and manage your automated tasks.

Whether you’re starting a new learning journey, or you’re a professional developer, designer, or product manager, no matter your role or how you work, Zapier can help save you lots of time. That’s extra time you can use for additional studying, building new projects, or professional development!

Throughout the workshop, you’ll get to know some of the essential features of Zapier. We’ll explore what automation is, how to recognize what tasks might be automated and how it can make your workflows even more powerful. You’ll even get to create an automated workflow to help make the most of your learning time.

You’ll need a Zapier account to get started. It’s free to start! Once you sign up at, you can begin creating custom automated workflows in minutes, all without having to know or write code—there’s no coding required when using Zapier. 

Automation is Everywhere

A laptop graphic showing common day-to-day automations, like calendar events, auto-pay, and email autoresponders.

Automation is gaining momentum in the workplace, and the possibilities for automation are all around you. Your newfound automation mindset will make it a strategy you can employ in your day-to-day tasks at work or as a student.

Master the Foundations with Treehouse

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