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writes on April 15, 2021

Python Basics is a popular course at Treehouse, and one that we recommend to all of our students. It’s the best way to learn Python for beginners.

Why you should learn Python

There are a number of popular programming languages that a Software Engineer or Web Developer uses today. One of them is Python. Python is a widespread, general purpose, open source programming language. It’s a great language for beginners to learn and professionals to use because of its readability and use cases. Python is also one of the most popular programming languages in the industry today according to the TIOBE index.

What You’ll Learn

Python Basics is our 234 minute course on Python, a general purpose programming language. The course taught by Treehouse teacher Craig Dennis. With Python Basics, you’ll learn:

  • Fundamental programming concepts
  • Input and Output
  • Conditional branching
  • Loops
  • Exception handling

Here’s a preview of what your instruction will look like:

What Python is used for 

Python is used for web applications, servers, information security, artificial intelligence, data science, mathematics, video games, and even robots. It is commonly used by many Fortune 500 companies and top technology startups.

Our Python Track

Beginning Python is one of several Tracks we have at Treehouse that focus on the Python language. If you’re looking to dive into the language, we recommend it as a good place to continue your learning. The Track starts with Python Basics

Master Python with Treehouse

Python Basics includes video instruction, code challenges, quizzes, and more. You can take the Treehouse course for free with a seven day free trial. Then, dive into more Python content with your Treehouse subscription. 

Best Python for Beginners Treehouse Tracks:

Learning with Treehouse starts at only $25 per month. If you think you’re ready to start exploring if tech is right for you, sign up for your free seven day trial.

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