Here are some of the newest courses now available at Treehouse!

Build a Playlist Browser with Objective-C

In Build a Playlist Browser with Objective-C, Pasan Premaratne will teach you how to build a fun playlist browser for Apple devices. You’ll learn about two crucial aspects of an iOS app: navigation and how to pass information around. You’ll also learn how to work with multiple view controllers and how to transition between them using segues and navigation controllers.

It’s recommended you take Pasan’s Build a Simple iPhone App with Objective-C course before diving into this one.

Build a Weather App for Android

Android fans rejoice! Ben Jakuben is here with a new course on how to build a weather forecast Android app. You’ll learn about a very common and important element of Android development: downloading data from the Internet. Find out how to request weather forecast data from a free API provided by, and then parse that data and display it in a single-page app. Also, Ben will show you how to handle errors when the network is unavailable.

This is a beginner level course, but it’ll help to have taken Build a Simple Android App and Build an Interactive Story App first.

We have new courses at Treehouse every week, so keep an eye on our Roadmap and stay tuned for much, much more to come!