Treehouse NewsNew Course Roundup: JavaScript, Bootstrap, RxJava & Project Reviews

Faye Bridge
writes on May 2, 2016

Every week, new content is published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here is a short list of what was added the week of April 25, 2016.

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JavaScript Unit Testing Guil Hernandez & Joseph Fraley

In this course, you’ll use Behavior Driven Development to write unit tests for your functions with the JavaScript testing framework Mocha.js. Writing unit tests will help you improve your code before you even start writing it. You’ll have fewer problems, and better understand the problems you do have.

Bootstrap 4 Basics – Guil Hernandez

Learn to use Bootstrap 4, one of the most popular open source front end frameworks, to help you build a functional design and layout in little time.


RxJava – Jamie Huson

Heard of RxJava but not sure what it is? Want to jump in but don’t know where to start? Join Jamie Huson in this workshop where you build an app using the popular RxJava framework. You’ll learn concepts and implementation to get you started using this technology in your app today!

How to Review Projects Treasure Porth

How to review student projects with constructive and friendly feedback.

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