LearnMatt Week – Day Two Time Lapse

writes on July 2, 2008

Catch a whole day of building Matt in four minutes!

We filmed the team again for Day Two of Matt week, sped it up and added another cool track. All i can say is we really need to work on our postures!

Matt Week – Day Two Time Lapse from Elliott Kember on Vimeo.

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  1. Gosh, this is such a great experience.

    We already had one “Day-o-the-widgets” 2 months ago and it was a lot of fun, but a this web-app week is definitely cooler!

  2. Really like the music. Reminds me of AMIGA and Commodore days.

  3. Makes sense as to why most of our office complains about back pains.

  4. Great video, interesting to see how you’re not the only one snacking and with a very bad posture throughout the day! 😀

  5. Munch munch munch…

    Seriously though, that was fascinating. Thanks!

  6. Loving the videos guys! Keep up the good work — I can’t wait to find out more about Matt.

    And MGMT is the perfect soundtrack, can’t get enough of their tunes 🙂

  7. Enjoyed that. A great idea. Interesting what you say about posture. It’s this kind of thing that reveals those kind of patterns—like heavy snacking too 😉

  8. It is actually surprisingly calm at the moment, just wait till tomorrow! 🙂

  9. Lisa Price on July 2, 2008 at 4:27 pm said:

    Hope it’s going well dudes. If it’s anything like Hugs week, now’s about the time where it gets REALLY stressful 🙂 Good luck!

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