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Introducing Treehouse Life Styles

Hello, Friends! I’m here to give you an update and talk to you about something very important. As you all know, we at Team Treehouse have been producing videos over on Treehouse Island to help you learn web design, web development, and iOS programming. We’ve received incredibly valuable feedback from you regarding these topics. One thing that most of you have expressed is a desire for more.  Here are a few of the different pieces of constructive criticism that we’ve received since our landing here at Treehouse Island:

“I need to learn basic life skills in addition to web design.” – Bradley Donovich

“If only Treehouse would give me tips on how to do regular, every day things instead of just tell me how to make web sites.” – Sean Raptor

“I wish Treehouse could help me apply stylesheets to my own life.” – Kim Jones

“I already have a high paying web development job but I’d subscribe to Treehouse if they helped me to become a functioning member of society.” – Frank Smith

Well, Frank, and the millions like you, today that that day.

Introducing Treehouse Life Styles

Treehouse Life Styles™ puts the Treehouse in to every day life. You’ll be able to learn how to do normal, every day things much better than you already do. All this from our current teachers at Treehouse.

We’re launching today with just three badges:

Treehouse members have immediate access to the first three badges. If you haven’t been sold so far, here’s a preview. We hope you like the videos enough to sign up for the site!

Chair Yoga with Amit Bijlani

How To Take The Perfect Profile Picture with Allison Grayce

Online Dating with Nick Pettit

The entire Treehouse Life Styles™ series will be coming out throughout 2012. Immediately following our first thre videos, we’ve got the following:

Finally, here’s the entire line-up for Treehouse Life Styles™ videos through the end of the year:

The Treehouse Team is super excited about the Treehouse Life Styles™ videos and all they have to offer. Are there any basic life skills you have no idea how perform? Would you like someone to teach you? Let us know in the comments!

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