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writes on May 14, 2021

Get started learning the user-centered methods and mindsets that entire businesses are using to improve their product experiences. “Design Thinking” is a core methodology and practice in User Experience Design. Intro to Design Thinking is a 75 minute course from Treehouse teacher Devin O’Bryan.

“Intro to Design Thinking” Course Details

Throughout this course, we’ll go over how to find the voice of our user, the importance of that voice, and how to create a better experience for our user.

Course Sample


What you’ll learn:

✓ Define Design Thinking

✓ Understand who is your User

✓ Role of Empathy in design

✓ Understand Empathy Maps

✓ Understand Journey Maps

✓ The importance of collecting data for users

✓ Conceive of solutions to common design problems

Course sections:

→ Becoming a Design Thinker

→ Becoming Acquainted with Your User

→ Understanding Your User’s “As-Is” Scenario

→ Designing for Your User’s “To-Be”

→ Tell the Story

What “Design Thinking” is used for

Design Thinking is a broad framework for how to approach problems, understand needs, and generate creative solutions. It’s processes can help us extract, teach, learn and apply human-centered techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way – in our designs, in our businesses, and in our lives.

User Experience Designer Job Statistics

The average base salary for a User Experience Designer is around $98,000, according to the latest statistics from Indeed.com. Companies currently hiring User Experience Designers include Facebook, Sonos, Audible, and many others. If you want to put together a job-ready User Experience Designer portfolio, check out the User Experience (UX) Techdegree program for a project-based curriculum.

Learn User Experience (UX) Design with Treehouse

Intro to Design Thinking includes video instruction, code challenges, quizzes, and more. You can take the Treehouse course for free with a seven day free trial. Then, dive into more UX, Front End Web Development, Python, Computer Science, and JavaScript content with your Treehouse subscription. 

Learning with Treehouse starts at only $25 per month. If you think you’re ready to start exploring if tech is right for you, sign up for your free seven day trial.

What sets Treehouse apart is their dedication to helping you find your perfect job or develop your own business. – SwitchUp.org

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