LearnFree Talk: From the Modern Web Conference “Getting Git”


writes on January 8, 2015

Having trouble grokking git? Not sure what the difference between merging and rebasing is? Wondering what you would ever use a “cherry-pick” for? Jordan Kasper covered these topics and more in his hour-long talk at the Modern Web Conference entitled ‘Getting Git’. A talk for the advanced Git user, it also covers how to move quickly from novice to git guru and tips on how to play nicely with others in the same git repository.

All of the talks from the Modern Web Conference are free to Treehouse Pro account holders but we’ve made this one free to all to give you a taster.

We hope you enjoy it.

Jordan Kasper: Getting Git

Talk slides.

3 Responses to “Free Talk: From the Modern Web Conference “Getting Git””

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  2. is there a course for absolute beginners ?

  3. I fullfilled your hopes. It was great 🙂

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