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writes on December 9, 2009

Do you have a geek in your life? Someone who is incredibly hard to buy Christmas presents for that has no idea what they want and a wardrobe full of unwanted/unneeded jumpers? If the answer is yes then read on for Think Vitamin’s top five gifts for geeks.

1: The Mifi


The Mifi comes strongly recommended by our friend and mobile guru Sam Machin.

The Mifi is an “intelligent mobile hotspot” that creates a local “cloud” of high-speed Internet connectivity which can be shared between users and Wi-Fi devices, a maximum of 5, such as laptops, cameras and gaming devices. A big win for train journeys, meetings in the coffee shop and BarCamps.

Available in the US ($299) and Europe (£209) from Amazon

2: Apple Magic Mouse


Multi-Touch in a mouse, how very handy. We have heard great things about the new wireless mouse from Apple. Increase your productivity by “scrolling vertically, horizontally, and diagonally  simply by touching anywhere on the top surface.”

$69/£55 from Apple

3: Dot Grid Book


One for the UX designer in your life. The Dot Grid Book from Behance makes a nice change to your trusty Moleskine. Complete with 50 dotted pages and a semi-hard suede-touch cover it makes a great starting point for your next web project.

$14 direct from Behance

4: Chrome Messenger Bag


Instantly identifiable by the airplane seat-belt buckle strap Chrome bags appear to be the geeks messenger bag of choice. Made in San Fransisco they come in various shapes and sizes and are a perfect fit for laptops as well as leaving ample room for books, clothes and whatever other accessories you might need. They must be cool, they even have a “design manifesto“.

Buy direct from the Chrome website, from $120

5: The Eye-Fi


Who hasn’t got an online photo sharing account? Photos and videos are geek currency these days but who honestly likes the upload process? The Eye-Fi takes away that pain and will automatically upload photos and videos to your computer and to the web.

The Eye-Fi card looks, stores media, and fits into cameras just like a regular SD/SDHC card. On top of that, the Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi that uses your wireless network to effortlessly transfer photos and videos to your chosen web site, including Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and more.

Check out the options at


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0 Responses to “Five Gifts for Geeks”

  1. You all are doing such an awesome job! The ideas keep flowing I see. Thank you for sharing with me and everyone – I can’t get enough! more information visit

  2. The Mi-fi is a just great, i will recommend it for my brainstorming team.

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  4. I was interested in the magic mouse as well. It seems great but the reviews are not very convincing. Does anyone suggest similar products with strong user reviews?

  5. I really like the Mifi. Now i just need to plant the after Christmas seed for someone to pick it up for my upcoming birthday.

    Roy Paeth
    Chicago First Time Home Buyer

  6. These five gifts are so wonderful!
    I wish to be got one !
    So great !

  7. The new Smashing Magazine book about Designing and Developing for the web looks really good. I ordered mine but haven’t received it yet, so I’d say more if I could! Here is the book:

    Probably won’t arrive before Christmas now, but still a really good resources to have on your desk!

  8. I like the magic mouse but not sure if I want to buy it after reading the review above.

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  9. The Eye-Fi looks pretty stinkin sweet……great idea.
    Thanks for the list.

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  10. Yeah, some good stuff, I’d like to recieve a MiFi at my birthday )

  11. i am interested with the mifi. i hope i can get one.

  12. very helpful list… I take the “Eye Fi” lol… looks very useful!

  13. i am interested with the mifi

  14. Apple’s magic mouse is definitely my favourite! Great post!

  15. Nice list, I’ll take #1 and #2. but will have look into the Dot Grid Book as I’m a moleskin guy myself. 🙂

  16. Yah, we need to know the price of other product?
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  17. Thanks, I’ve been looking about this and here I come. I got it.
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  18. Great list! I’ve been looking for a messenger bag for a while I’ll check those out!



  19. Got a Chrome for 3 years now. Never had a better bag! (and i owm them all from Timbuk2 to NorthFace etc 😉 )
    Grid book looks nice. Another great gift could be this one. Ordered three some days ago:

  20. Definately getting the dot grid book for myself.

  21. definitely mifi….. now only if i had verizon service…..

  22. Great list, but I don’t see what all the fuss is with the Magic mouse. I find it very uncomfortable for heavy computer users. It has a lower than normal profile I am not fond of. I love my Logitech MX Revolution, and plan to stick with it!

    • I agree. The new Magic Mouse is pretty, but it’s not a particularly good mouse. Too few buttons and the shape isn’t all that comfortable. The fancy scrolling thing doesn’t work any better than a traditional scroll wheel IMO.

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