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Linnea Schulenburg
writes on June 7, 2017

We’ve been hard at work adding new tools to improve our users’ learning experience, and today we’re excited to tell you about the newest feature for Treehouse for Business – Custom Tracks! Custom Tracks give businesses the ability to create customized training paths using any course from the library.  This straightforward tool can save managers time and have a huge impact on the outcomes of technical training programs.

Maybe you need your design team to be able work on your website – have them go through relevant HTML & CSS courses.

Need your support team to have an understanding of the different technologies your customers may be using with your product? Give them a crash course in a few topics like Ruby and REST APIs.

Your engineering team already has skills in a few topics, but now you need them to explore mobile development so your business can create an app. Assign them to a course that leads them through the foundations of iOS and/or Android development.


How does it work?

Tell our team of learning experts what you need to achieve, and we’ll help you curate the most relevant Treehouse content for your training goals.

Next, you can assign whole departments or individuals to your custom track. Set a due date to give learners meaningful milestones and keep them accountable to their learning goals. After that, you’ll get automated updates that help you track progress and understand who is excelling and who is struggling.


What can I do with custom tracks?

  • Onboard new hires
  • Manage group learning goals
  • Support classroom curriculums
  • Prepare employees for new projects
  • Crosstrain teams with new skills
  • Create clear paths for career advancement
  • Develop an internal talent pipeline

Ready to try Custom Tracks?

Great! Request a custom track from inside your account by going to the ‘My Org’ dashboard and selecting Your Company’s Tracks. From there, you can tell us what you need, and we’ll help you make the best track for your team’s needs.

Interested in creating customized training for your team? Get in touch to learn more about our Treehouse for Business accounts.

Psst! Did you know Business accounts start at just 2 seats? That’s you and one other coworker! Talk to your boss about your learning goals and whether you and your teammates could use technical training.


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  1. We started a startup by name Kumeh Software Solutions Pvt LTD and we are planning to launch a social network application in the coming days , we want to launch that application based on web so I want a clear detail that if we learn web related courses from your Academy
    , we can able to develop a high end social network application ?

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