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Closing Thoughts for SXSWedu


Today we attended John Maeda’s live Q&A, which offered a valuable discussion with the audience about tech and education in 2017. One key theme John emphasized was the importance of mentorship. The only way quantum changes can occur with people is through mentorship. “You have the keys, and they have the doors,” explains John. Addressing the evolution of tech and integration into our lives, John also expressed nothing can replace engaging with people in real time.

Devin O’Bryan also gave a motivational talk called Honesty: You’re doing it wrong! He explored the importance of knowing how to model honesty and the delivery of communication. Creating emotional intelligent and deeply vulnerable exchanges fosters creativity. So what is the key to achieving this? Empathy.

Sensory architecture is an ongoing project from the University of Michigan to design technology embedded multisensory environments for children with autism. We were amazed by the how they expressed creativity through code.

SXSWedu has been an awesome experience. To close out the whole experience, we attended the closing party, which featured Soul Science Lab who put on a fantastic performance.

Diversity, AI and Accessibility at SXSW Interactive

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