LearnCarsonified rebranding process: part 11

writes on September 21, 2007

By Elliot Jay Stocks

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry guys – we’ve been so busy! The rebranding is now heading towards its very exciting conclusion and we’re going to show you where we’re at…

Part 11a:

Part 11b:

We’ll be back in a couple of days’ time with more (perhaps the final) updates, so stay tuned!

0 Responses to “Carsonified rebranding process: part 11”

  1. I’ve seen the finished logo!
    In Print!
    Am I the first?
    Do I get a prize?

  2. Thanks guys! And yes, “poor Elliot” – hahaha! 😉 Not really… I’m actually still enjoying it!

    @ Ludwig: Yeah, one of the things we were expecting was the comparison to Finch, who also use the same font. However, we’re now really ‘personalising’ the logo and I think the comparisons will disappear after that. I can’t wait to show you the next stage – I’ve been spending quite some time manipulating each glyph.

    More very soon!

  3. Great movies once again.
    I like the font, and the idea of putting a little logo on the i sounds cool.

    So much work for such a small logo :p
    Poor Elliot

  4. Usually I bypass this stuff. Not for lack of interest, but lack of time. But you caught me at a time when the minutes weren’t so critical, so I watched the first few seconds of the second-to-last movie.

    What interests me is what happens next after things go off the rails. More often than not, the project descends into the murky bog of compromise, or things start to get (more) interesting.

    Anyway, I watched the latest movies, and I think things just started to get interesting, so I’ll be checking out your next moves …

  5. Very nice! I love the video updates as well… 🙂

  6. Nice work, really like it!

  7. Ouebslave on September 22, 2007 at 2:51 am said:

    Don’t change anything to what you smoke. Perfect.

  8. I love this font, but I also loved it when I first saw it at: http://www.getfinch.com/

    Their strapline is also similar (with the word creativity in it also), I don’t know if these identities are going to be too similar.

    Lovin’ the video updates though 🙂

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