LearnCarsonified rebranding process: part 08

writes on September 6, 2007

By Elliot Jay Stocks

While we prepare the next post, we thought you might enjoy a light interlude of some more recent sketches. Click the images for their full-size versions.

General rough ideas.

Among other things, a study of the primary shapes that make up the coat of arms on our passports.

Drawn on the plane on the way home from Barcelona, a study of our hotel’s coat of arms, a strangely Roger Dean-esque idea of my own, and a prawn with ‘rark’, a fictional affliction that seems to befall many of the characters in my sketchbook. But that’s another story!

General rough ideas.

Some more studies (on the right) of other logos’ flourishes

I went to Spain on the lookout for insignia, and would you believe it: the hotel we stayed at had one! Stupidly, I managed to completely miss it until we were leaving and only managed to grab this card second before we headed out the door…

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  1. Elliot, Those are some great sketch ideas. Can’t wait to see what progress you’ve made. I really like where you’re going with the coat-of-arms below your hotels study. Keep it up!

    – James

  2. Absolutely! It’s their best dish! 😉

  3. So is the rark paella a specialty of the Catalans?

  4. Something I should add: we’ve progressed a lot further since these sketches were done, so don’t worry about telling us to ditch the coat-of-arms idea or anything! 😉 I thought you might just like to see some more of the processes we went through before the idea became more fully developed.

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