LearnCarsonified rebranding process: part 01

writes on August 20, 2007

By Elliot Jay Stocks

Well, you’ve all read about our decision to rebrand Carson Systems as Carsonified; now the process begins! Harking back to our ‘barenakedapp’ days, we’ll be documenting as much of the creative process as possible and showing you the project as it develops along the way. I’ve recorded the first of several screencasts (well, videos) relating to the project, so hit the play button and leave us your comments!

(Apologies for the low sound levels, by the way…)

9 Responses to “Carsonified rebranding process: part 01”

  1. gonna enjoy following this.

    one quick remark though regarding the “hopefully be really cool” comment…be confident baby!

  2. Hasnain on August 20, 2007 at 9:56 pm said:

    looking fwd to this process.

    loved the barenakedapp concept! hope this will give us all a better idea into the process (both good & bad).

  3. @Elliot: Allright, in this case it’s ok 😀

  4. Can’t wait to see the new identity!

  5. Cheers guys! It should be fun! 🙂

    @ Julian: Hmmm… perhaps I’m using the term a little generously, but over the next few days, the video should feature recordings of the screen as well as regular video. And sometimes I’ll just be posting regular images and text. Anything goes! 🙂

  6. Oh, I can already tell that I am going to really enjoy ‘tuning in’ to these screencasts (or whatever they may be). It is going to be a lot of fun watching all of this unfold.

    Good Luck, Elliot!

  7. Nice — I suppose this is going to be very interesting!

    But it’s a “normal” video, right? I thought a “screencast” is a) a podcast and b) something you create with e.g. iShowU — a capture of your screen, maybe with some voice-over explanations.

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