LearnCarsonified in The Sunday Telegraph


Ryan Carson
writes on November 25, 2007

Cool! We got a small mention in The Sunday Telegraph, regarding our 4-day work week.


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0 Responses to “Carsonified in The Sunday Telegraph”

  1. Chris Dowdeswell on November 30, 2007 at 8:58 am said:

    I can see very high potential for worker exploitation in the areas of “virtual assistants” what can you do to guarantee that you aren’t screwing over some third world person? The IT industry can be just as rife with slave wages as other industries in these countries…

  2. Ryan

    I thought that Ferris’s idea was to just ignore complaints like Ian’s. If you start responding you’ll be back up to five days a week before you know what’s hit you.

  3. Hey Ryan, great to see you guys featured in The Times. I’m intrigued about the 4-day working week. I wonder if it would be possible in a web agency. Have to continue that conversation we started at FOWA about open book accounting and other such new-fangled company culture things some time.

  4. So who does your marketing and PR? I want their #!

  5. Fascinating article. I’m not sure if the author is trying to end it with a bit of humour or a pointed dig:

    “Outsource. Mr Ferriss uses “virtual assistants” in Bangalore, India, to answer routine emails – and even to arrange dates for him. He is currently single.”

    I’m not sure how the guy’s marital status is really relevant!?

    It does make me wonder what he’s spending his 35 hours a week on, if not on work or dating…

  6. @Ian – We are SO sorry about this. The folks who recorded the video had a death in the family and it’s taken them a long time to send us the video. We’re hurrying as fast as we can and we’ll get those sent out ASAP. I believe Mel is sending them out tomorrow. Again, apologies.

  7. Looks like Philip Sherwell reads the New York Times.

  8. That’s very cool indeed.

    We’ve managed to get it down to a 30 minute week, though I just did some overtime this weekend bumping it up to 2 hours total. Still, has to be done 😉

  9. Ian Hunter on November 25, 2007 at 6:44 pm said:

    Is there any chance you can go back to a 5 day work week so you can get the overdue DVDs from the FOWA (London) finished and sent?

    At the show I was told they would be sent “In the next week”.

    Mel’s blog post (22/10/07) said they would be sent in the next ten days – it’s been a month, what’s going on?


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