LearnCached With Love: A Dose of News

writes on February 19, 2010

Artist Odessa Begay, Museum of Modern Tweets

(Note: This is our newest daily feature, it’s still evolving, please feel free to e-mail us links to great and obscure stories you’d like us to include in the future!)

Apple strips store of sexy apps, which renders developers’ work err dysfunctional

Freelancers and bloggers panic and head to the bars when WordPress goes down

Glitchzen interviews, artist Chris Leavens on designing for Tiny Speck’s Glitch (greatest game ever made?) alongside Kukubee, Meomi, & Corey Jackson

Haiti Earthquake Infographic Contest winner announced

Discovered! Artist Odessa Begay renders a visual representation of a celeb’s 140-word message on her tumblog, Museum of Modern Tweets

Americans have plenty of currency woes, but now the humble penny falls victim to a series of bizarre redesigns

A dose of inspiration from a special collection of children’s books

Freelance designer @GraceSmith explains her Mac as a “productivity weapon”

BBC’s Radical Web Site Redesign, explained by the BBC

Caterina Fake & Chris Dixon explain Hunch on video

Speaking of video, have you seen Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel? Green screen magic

Hackers have more fun with Instructables “Dead Computer Contest”

And, B.C. “before the bloggers came,” Westminster Parliment opens its doors

(With Keir Whitaker)

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  1. It’s a nice round-up, and I can see myself reading more of these in the future but please ditch the bit.ly links. It’s not like this is twitter where every character counts, and I like to know where I’m going before I click on a link.

    • Hey Garrett,

      Thanks so much for the feedback, as a new feature it’s definitely a work in progress.

      What do you think about us including the source (e.g. via The Onion) and then making that the hyperlink?

      I like using bitly, because we can get great data back on what people are clicking on, but it might also make more sense for us to include the bitly link in a more obvious way.

      Appreciate your feedback 🙂


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