LearnCached: Fly Virgin? Nah, Take a Jet Pack to Your Next Conference

writes on February 25, 2010

Thursday evening’s roundup of news & treats:

  • Putting users first? Sign of the Times: For Newspapers to Survive, They Must Put Users First (via FastCompany)
  • GOOD concludes “Design Mind” series, which explored the power of design by the editors of design mind magazine (via GOOD)
  • New York by typeface (via @quips and @kottke)
  • Robots rule. This remarkable robot is culmination of two years of research and the collective expertise of 17 faculty members, undergraduates and doctoral students in the Human Robot Interaction Group (via NYT’s Bits Blog)
  • Write much? How to Effectively write a design article (via @WDL)
  • Arrive at your next conference via Jetpack. World’s FIRST commercial jetpack to goes on sale  (via @HuffPostTech)
  • Designing user interfaces for business web applications (via @smashingmag)
  • And finally, a bit of housekeeping —  Keir and everyone else will be back from FOWD Miami tomorrow, so thanks for your support this week!

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