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Emily Schweiss
writes on July 26, 2017

Effective professional development begins and ends with employee engagement. A learning program that connects learning to their career goals and has clear structures and organizational visibility can sustain itself for years. As you start to outline your technical training programs, here are a few ways you can increase engagement by inspiring curiosity and showcasing learning achievements throughout the learner’s journey.

Curiosity Campaign

Studies show that emotions play a key role in motivation, and specifically curiosity.  By generating intrigue around the curriculum and building a campaign around the launch, your employees will adopt the new training with more enthusiasm. This type of approach, also known as a teaser campaign, consists of a series of small and sometimes cryptic advertisements that build up to a larger, full-blown campaign for your launch. Think about how you can entice people in your organization to learn more through email, chat, and flyers.  Aim for engaging pieces, like creating your own meme that employees can play on.  


Once you’ve got interest in the learning program, you’ll need to determine which skills to learn. Employees are more likely to buy-in if they are able to choose a path that allows them to grow and contribute to the organization in a meaningful way.  Help them through this process by brainstorming knowledge gaps together.  This can be done as a team or individually depending on your organization’s ultimate goal. If you’re having trouble narrowing it down, get in touch with our team, who can help you determine which topics and course are appropriate. Senior team members should also be engaged in this process and in learning.  Senior team member who already possesses the needed skills are a great asset, and can provide much needed mentorship and support to learners.


You’ve reached the time to launch! Hold an event where you can provide a brief rundown of what the program will entail as well as expectations for learners, managers, and mentors. Be sure to answer “What’s in it for me?” for each key group to keep them motivated.


Keep the momentum going by using gamification to keep your learning program interesting, and your employees engaged. Treehouse dashboards makes key statistics easily accessible so you can share with the group.  Consider posting a leaderboard based on most points, courses or badges completed in a timeframe. Use Treehouse leaderboards to track team progress, or make a physical leaderboard to display in your office area, if you’re all centrally located. Or show each employee’s journey on a public roadmap to success. Friendly competition will keep your team pushing each other to make progress along the way.


Last, consider giving employees goals to reach that result in tangible gain, whether it is something everyone can earn or a coveted prize for a top performer. Certificates of completion or a team outing can be a great reward for a group. Priority parking spots or gift cards are great for individual recognition.

Set your organization up for success by allowing employees to have a say in what they learn, getting support from senior team members, and having a structured communication and celebration plan. Building curiosity and motivation into your learning program will help keep employees engaged, meet their development and growth goals, and ultimately allow your organization to innovate and succeed.

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2 Responses to “Build Engagement and Curiosity into Your Training Programs”

  1. BiorobotBob on August 14, 2017 at 10:33 am said:

    I really enjoy the gamification aspect, when learning on Team Treehouse!
    I want to get all the badges. I am addicted to them. Haha. Gamification is awesome makes everything so much more fun. + a generation grown up with games and points is
    already addicted and responsive to those kind of things.
    Oh the possibilities of gamification!!!

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