LearnAwesome free tool for iOS app design and prototyping

writes on February 3, 2011

Got this great little tip from Ziv Meltzer on a useful free tool for you all (if you’re a Mac person).

LiveView is a specialized remote screen viewing application intended as a tool to help designers create graphics for mobile applications, it has also proven to be useful for creating quick and dirty simulations, demos, and experience prototypes.

8 Responses to “Awesome free tool for iOS app design and prototyping”

  1. http://ipad2peek.com is also helpful for a quick look at website layout on iPad 2

  2. It really shortened my iOS design process to, like, half. Indeed neat!

  3. Anonymous on February 4, 2011 at 9:29 am said:

    Wow, this is very neat…

  4. Looks pretty cool. This is the first time I’ve wished for my MacBook Pro back since I sold it in October.

  5. Been using LiveView for a while… brilliant app, love how it was updated to test for the retina display too

  6. Been drooling over this for some time but i’m not a Mac user. Does anyone know of a PC equivalent?

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