LearnAround the Web: Shipping Code FB-Style, Replaceable You, & Retro Inspiration

writes on January 21, 2011

It’s Thursday, but this is my usual Wednesday roundup which is always devoted to all things and people in web and business development! I’m a day late, because last night I was lucky enough to spend the evening at Typekit’s web font meetup with the ever-surprising “What won’t he say next?!” Erik Spiekermann (if you don’t follow him as @espiekermann on Twitter, you’re missing out!)

Wildcard: Among the best collections of retro photo inspiration I’ve ever come across, ElectroSpark’s Photostream

Please shoot me links to projects your working on or awesome things you’ve released! news@teamtreehouse.com/blog

Handpicked by Chrissie (@tenaciouscb)

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